Monday, January 5, 2015

Dear 2014......

Dear 2014,

I know that I am a few days late writing this to you, but my theory is, better late then never.
You see, I needed sometime to stop and think about all that you held for me this year. I just couldn't say good-bye right away. So here I am writing you a farewell letter.

Thank you 2014 for the good times and the hard times that you held. From celebrating a friends, to laughing so hard that I cried and for all the dances and singing that were done on the way to the beach. Thank you for making this year, a year of learning, seeking and understanding those around me but more about myself and my relationship with God. There were moments that I didn't want it to  end, moments were I couldn't believe I live here. Then there were moments were it seemed as though it couldn't end fast enough. I cried, laughed, felt joy, felt peace and was reminded of God's love.
There were dreams that I had hoped would come true this year, but never came. There were changes that were hard for me and fears that I had to overcome. There were days were life seemed so hard but through it all, I still had hope. Hope in what was to come and hope that through it all, God will continue to walk with me. Overall 2014, you were good!

Now that you are over, I now welcome 2015!
I welcome new dreams and old ones. I welcome the things to come and the things that I will learn. I know that there will be hard times, but I pray for more good times that the hard. I pray for strength when I need it, for love that abounds and for joy through it all!