Thursday, May 30, 2013

Getting ready for the new normal...

I have a week and a half left in America! AH! I am currently writing this as I am driving back from LA.(don’t worry I am not driving).  I was able to get my temporary visa today. (It was my second trip in 1 week) BUT that means that I save $200 and a couple of bus tickets out of CR every 90 days. :)
It still hasn’t hit me that I am moving in 9 days. Maybe that is because I am trying to get all the little things done and I haven’t packed yet. But I know that will change. My room will be packed by the end of the week, I will decided what I will take with me to CR in the next two days, what I am going to leave in Fresno and what will be going to Neighborhood thrift because I just done have time to do a yard sale.

It is weird to know that in a few days my life will be packed up into suitcases, which will come with me to CR or come with The Well team at the end of July. That the places I have gotten used to will no longer be apart of my everyday life. That there will be a new normal for me in CR.

People have been asking me what I am excited for in CR? What or whom I am going to miss from Fresno? How I am feeling as the day to move gets closer? Is there anything they can pray for? So here are my answers in case you were wondering.

What I am excited for in CR?
            There are so many things that I am excited for. The newness of the country, even though I have been there a few times. Working with the girls and the Girls Group again. Being able to invest and use the talents that God has given me there.

What or whom I am going to miss from Fresno?
            I am going to miss my family and friends the most. I am super close to my family. We laugh, pick on each other and love each other dearly. It is going to be weird not having them around but I am thankful for skype and facetime! God has blessed me with such an amazing group of friends. These are friendships that will last a lifetime! There are definitely some places that I will miss. Di Bai Dang is one of them. It is the usually place my girlfriends and I go for dinner. We have celebrated many birthdays there, laughed and ate a lot. I will miss Monterey Bay Aquarium. For those who do not know, that is my favorite place to go! I have a season pass and do go several times a year. It never gets old to me and every time I go, I am amazed of the God I served and reminded on just how BIG and awesome God is!

How I am feeling as the day to move gets closer?
            Overwhelmed, nervous, tired, excited, ready, anxious and I am sure that there are other emotions that I have not mentioned. But I am just trying to not think to far ahead or I will get overwhelmed. I am in the chaos stage of transition so I am trying to just be PRESENT in what I need to get done today.

 " If I rise on the wings of the dawn, if I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me, your right hand will hold me fast" Ps 139:9-10

Prayer Request:
  1. That I will have good goodbyes with family, friends, places and things.
  2. That I will have safe travels on June 7th. That I will get to CR safely and that my luggage will arrive with me
  3. That I will transition well. Meaning that I wont get sick, get along with my host family and not rush the process.
Check out my contact info! I updated it with the lasted and greatest way to see what I am doing through social media!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Way Ticket.....

After a year and a half of praying, trusting, seeking, working, fund raising, crying, laughing, worrying,  doubting, delighting, calling, writing, asking, learning, heart ache, worshiping, making new friendships, feeling anxious and trusting in God's timing, it has all come down to this.... 

JUNE 7th! 

That is the day that I will be flying to Costa Rica and starting a new season!

I am at 97% and I am taking the step of faith that God will provide the remaining 3% and more before I leave. That means I need 3 more people to make monthly commitments of $20.00. (you can email me or send me a FB message) 

Thank you all for all you love, encouragement, prayers and unending support!  I am so grateful for my family, friends and church community who have walked along side me through this season! I am beyond blessed!