Thursday, May 9, 2013

One Way Ticket.....

After a year and a half of praying, trusting, seeking, working, fund raising, crying, laughing, worrying,  doubting, delighting, calling, writing, asking, learning, heart ache, worshiping, making new friendships, feeling anxious and trusting in God's timing, it has all come down to this.... 

JUNE 7th! 

That is the day that I will be flying to Costa Rica and starting a new season!

I am at 97% and I am taking the step of faith that God will provide the remaining 3% and more before I leave. That means I need 3 more people to make monthly commitments of $20.00. (you can email me or send me a FB message) 

Thank you all for all you love, encouragement, prayers and unending support!  I am so grateful for my family, friends and church community who have walked along side me through this season! I am beyond blessed! 

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