Sunday, June 7, 2015

Happy 2 years!!!

Today is my 2nd year anniversary of living in Costa Rica!  

It is hard to imagine that I have lived here for 2 years now. 
I remember boarding the plane 2 years ago and knowing that my life will forever be changed. 
Knowing that living cross-culturally will have its ups and downs. That I would need to give myself some grace with language, learning the Costa Rican cultural and with people. 
BUT the one thing that hasnt changed through these last 2 years, is God. 

It is confronting in knowing that as my world has changed from location, to friendships and what used to be "normal", God has never changed. His joy, peace, love, comfort, promises are still the same. So on the days when I feel as though I cant do anything right, I find comfort that God is on my side. 

Here are a few snap shots from this last year! 

Oh the fun that I have had being able to pour my gifts and talents to my work, church and friends.

I am excited for what this next season will bring. Excited for the teams that are coming these next 2 months, to be able to pour into them and see them leave changed. 
I am excited to go back to Cali for 10 days to spend time with family and friends. 
Excited for the fall for a slower pace of life.

No matter what, I couldnt be here without the support of friends, family and church supporting me financially and through prayers! 

 to all who pray for me on a regularly basis, and those who have given/giving financially, to allow me to be here! 

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