Monday, August 6, 2012

Mission Trip to Mexico.....

Over the last couple of months, people have been asking how this journey to Costa Rica has started. I could give you the short version, but I will give you the LONG version but in multiple blog post. I  want you to understand my heart and my passion and how God has lead me to this journey. If you missed the first post, here is the link for it.

Mission trip to Mexico...

When I was in high school, I went on my first mission trip. Where was it, MEXICO! Now keep in mind I have grown up going to visit family in Mexico, so for me this was not that big of a culture shock. But it was different then what I was used to. I  was used to going and hanging out with family, playing soccer and eating good food that my Tia's (Aunt) made. This trip I slept on a sleeping bag, was lucky if I could take a shower and the food was ok. But what I did love, was playing with the kids, telling them about Jesus and just showing them Christ love. I also saw a lot of little girls that looked like the one I met so many years ago with my dad. At the time, it was just a fun trip for me to go and spend a week with my friends in Mexico. I kept going every year and then one year God changed my mindset and my heart.

It wasnt anything special, just another trip to Mexico, but this time my Mom came with me. I was working for a church in their youth department and we need another translator. So after many nights of praying, my mom agreed to come with me. For me it was amazing to see my mom there. leading a women's study and loving on the pastors wife. On this trip, God showed me that there was more to be done here. That there was still people there that didnt understand that it is a relationship with him that he wanted. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of helplessness when I came home. There was so many people in Mexico, back home and all over the world that didn't know God, that didnt have a relationship with him. I didnt know what God wanted me to do. I prayed and remember feeling as though this was just the beginning of something bigger that God was stirring in my life.

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