Sunday, August 19, 2012

San Jose.....

Over the last couple of months, people have been asking how this journey to Costa Rica has started. I could give you the short version, but I will give you the LONG version but in multiple blog post. I  want you to understand my heart and my passion and how God has lead me to this journey. If you missed the first post, here is the link for it.

San Jose....

After Romania, I came home and felt kind of lost. I wasnt really sure what the next step was or how long God was going to take before he would tell me where he wanted me to go. So I went back to work and back to routine. 

Around 2006, I was ready for a change.  I was ready to MOVE. But where was I going to go, I had no idea. So I started to pray.  I prayed that God would guide me, show me where he wanted me to go. I wanted to make sure that I was going to be in His will and not my own. I looked at Santa Barbara, LA, San Francisco, Seattle, and San Jose as possible choices to move. I had prayed that God would open the door for the place he wanted me to move to and close the doors to the other places. So he did, and the only option that was left was San Jose or Fresno. I felt God was giving me the option to either stay or move. He had provided me a place to move into, a job in San Jose,  so I took the step of faith and moved.

I moved to San Jose in August of 2007 and lived there for 2 years. During that time, I met some amazing people there who help shaped my life and my time there. Friends that I  hold dear to my heart. Friends that I still keep in contact with and that I see as often as possible. 

San Jose was good for me. I learned a lot about myself there and lot about my relationship with God. But it wasnt till I moved back to Fresno that I saw the reason why God had moved me there. You see, I knew that if God wanted to move me from Fresno again, that I could do it. I had already done it once. I just didnt know where and if he wanted me to move. 

 It wasn't till the following year that He will start to show me HIS plan for my life.


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