Monday, October 8, 2012

MTI Week 2 and 3

Week 2 and 3 went so fast. There are so many things that I have learned and would love to share, but that would take about a week to write. So I wont bore you with the information but instead I will give you the highlights of those week and my last weekend there :)

Week 2 started off with the last session on conflict. I learn that most teams or people depart the mission field premature due to conflict with team member or the organization they are with. We also talked about stress and it was emphasis that the average missionary daily experiences 2 - 5 times as much stress as the average inner city cop. We had a hostage simulation that same week and debrief on how we handle the stress of it, the physical and emotional side of it too. Towards the end of the week we talked about transitions and the different stages that goes along with it. For me the best part was learning about the Sabbath. This section was on the following day of the simulation, so it was nice to sit and rest. The first part of the morning we went in our growth group and talked about why keeping sabbath was hard for us. From there we were on our own to read scripture and answer questions in our binder. After lunch there was more scripture to read on our own but there was time to play with God. That was the thing that really got to me, that God wanted to play with us as well as sit with us. For some of the people that was a hard concept but for others it was easy. For me, I realize that I play with God with I am outside enjoying God's creation and painting. For others in the training it was simply coloring, walking, taking a nap or even going to Target. I also realize just how important the Sabbath is. It is not to just a "day off" from life but it is to stop and rest in God. To stop and listen and even lay down your burdens to God. This is something that I want to do more of in my life and something that I have realized that I need to here in Fresno and in Costa Rica. 

Since it was our last weekend in Colorado, we decided to rent a car and go to Denver and Pikes Peak.  Denver is a cool place. We went to 16th Street mall and had sushi there. But Pikes Peak was simply amazing. It was so breath taking and gorgeous. I will blog about that on another day. 


(Pikes Peak)

Week 3 was the most emotional week for me. There had been some stuff with my family that had happen over the summer that I had needed to process and deal with that I had been putting off. But here I was in Colorado and in a since I was forced to deal with it. And I did and it was hard. We had a session that I call Cry-feast (it was called Grief and Loss) and it was a time for us to really process what we are leaving behind here in the states. Family, kids, grand kids, boyfriends, girlfriends, etc. It was also a time for us to deal with things that we didnt want to or couldnt. For me it was a time to deal with the hurt and pain from this summer and lay it down at the foot of the cross. It was a time to truly start the healing process. After that session, I felt free and so much peace and comfort. 
The rest of the week we talked about MK and TCK (ministry kids, third culture kids), Goodbye's and Hello's and then we prayed over everyone. 

Now I have been home for about a week and today was the first day that it hit me that I am back in Fresno. Today was my Yuck Duck day. I miss my new friends, the community, and the understanding of missions we all had. I miss the encouragement and support from each other. I miss the Rockies and the cool weather. I know that I am back in Fresno for a reason and I am thankful for the time I had at MTI. This was an experience that I will always remember. I have already been looking back at my binder and notes trying to not forget everything that I have learned. 

So what is next???
Well I am still raising support for Costa Rica. This month I will be meeting with Life groups and anyone who wants to hear about Costa Rica and what I will be doing there. I will be doing some fundraisers through The Well for my cost to move there but I still need people to support me on a monthly basis.
 Here is the link to donate online and any little thing helps and it is considered a tax donation. Also if you would like to receive newsletters or want to meet up for coffee, please email me at ( Also if you want to know more about what Yuck duck means and MTI, email me and I would love to sit and tell you more about it :) 


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