Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Week 1 at MTI


Week 1 at MTI was really good. Some of the things that I have learned were basic things that I have known, but some of the stuff that I have learned have touch the core of my heart. I have gotten to know some amazing people who have felt the call to go overseas. I have gotten to laugh a lot, have deep conversations and be encouraged all with in a week.

God has shown me some areas in my life that I need to work on before I go to Costa Rica and he has also shown me his grace and beauty. I have come to fully understand the importance of being here at MTI and how important it is for people to go to a training center before going out in to the field. Training is not to just getting tools for how to handle conflict, it is more personal. It is about checking your heart, be willing to admit that you need to change some stuff and then doing it. It is about looking at the core of who God has made you and realizing that you are nothing without him. It is about change and being willing to get out of you comfort zone and being willing to surrender them to God.

With long days of talking about hard and tough issues, it is nice to have the weekends to rest and relax. The first weekend  here, a group of us went to Garden of the Gods. It is this beautiful place where there are some amazing rock formation that no body knows how it got there. A natural wonder. We were able to walk around and hike a bit around there. We were also able to see Pikes Peak. On Sunday, a group of us went to Church together and then we got to go and play outdoor laser tag.Yup you read it right! We got a really good deal and got to play for a little over 2 hours. There was about 20 of us and it was such a great team bonding experience.

 (Garden of the Gods)

 (My roommate Tiana and I)

 (Cathedral Spires) 

 (Pikes Peak)

 (Pico the Parrot and Me at Outdoor Laser Tag)

I am currently at my last week here, and am behind on my blogging. But I am excited for to tell you about week 2 and last weekend :) 

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