Tuesday, September 4, 2012

So where am I at now....

Here is where I am at today with Costa Rica :)
  • Well last fall I made the decision to become apart of the SI staff in Costa Rica. Since then I have been raising support. 
  • Last month was my last month working for The Well Community Church.
  • I am currently on my way to the bay area to see friends and relax before I head to training. 
  • I will be in Colorado Springs starting next week at MTI (Missions Training International) for 3 weeks for my pre-field training. 
  • I will be back in Fresno at the beginning of October for a couple of weeks till I move.
So here is the timeline of this next month for me. It has been a really busy season of life for me. When I booked my training to MTI 6 months ago and let my work know, it seemed so far away. Now  I have ended my time at the Well and MTI is less then a week away. It is amazing just how fast time goes by.

People have been asking if it has "hit" me yet that I am not working at The Well and that I will be moving soon. Honestly, I havent had the time to think about it. I was so busy at work the last two weeks and then packing for my 3 trips (Paso Robles, San Jose, Colorado Springs) that I havent had time to process that much. But I am looking forward to some down time with friends this week and some good time at Peet's Coffee with my King.

Here is a praise!
Had my interview with the elders last week and got approved to become Extended Family with The Well!!! Such a HUGE answered to prayers!

Financial Support: 
If you want to help me financially, here is the link to donate online. Any little thing helps and it is considered a tax donation. Also if you would like to receive newsletters, please email me (rose.e.torres@gmail.com) and I will add you to the list :)

Here are some things that you can pray for:
1. Safety and travel mercies. I am traveling a lot this month, so  please pray for protection, health, safety and rest.
2. That God will open my ears, heart and mind to what He has to teach me at MTI. I will be there from Sept 10-28.
3. Financial support. That God will continue to provide the means for me to move to Costa Rica and while I am there. 

Thanks for all your love and support! You can email me at rose.e.torres@gmail.com, just to say HI or see how training is going or if you want more information on what I will be doing in Costa Rica. I will be updating this blog while I am in Colorado. Also you can read my other blog which is more of my random thinking and personal day to day stuff :)


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