Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Missions Training International (MTI)

For the next 3 weeks I get to see this.....

I am currently in Colorado Springs for training with MTI (Missions Training International). I arrived yesterday afternoon tired and ready for bed but excited for what God has in store for me here.There are currently 10 singles (2 males, 8 females), 10 families, and 11 kids that vary in ages.

Today was our first full day here. So far it has been fun to meet people who are going all over the world. Hear about their heart and passion and see how God has shaped them. For the next 3 weeks I will be in there SPLICE program. SPLICE stands for Spiritual, Personal, Lifestyle, Interpersonal, Cultural, Endurance/Enjoyment.  I will have a coach that I will meet with once a week here and I have a group of women that I will meet several times to dive into deeper and more personal conversations. We have classes from 8:45am to 4pm Monday-Friday and homework some of the nights. I have been told that we are going to be talking about issues that could and will be challenging for us, but will be good to do now so we can work on them before going out to the mission field. I have already felt God starting to stir up different emotions already and have started to process those. Overall I am excited and nervous to be here. I know that there will be some good conversations, encouraging moments and fun time, but I also know that God will use this time to prepare me for my time in Cost Rica.

Prayer Request::
1. That my heart and ears will be open to what God is teaching me here in MTI.
2. That I will be a steward of my time here. 
3. Fundraising while I am here will go well. 

Financial Support: 
 Again, If you want to help me financially, here is the link to donate online. Any little thing helps and it is considered a tax donation. Also if you would like to receive newsletters, please email me (rose.e.torres@gmail.com) and I will add you to the list :)

My evening stroll :) 


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