Friday, December 18, 2015

A week in the States....

I have been home for a week now.

I would like to tell you that I feel different being back, but honestly I don't. I think that will hit me when January comes and I realize that I am not going back to Costa Rica. So far I have spent some good time with my family, seen some friends and slept a lot.

I have been encouraged a lot by family and friends. They have encouraged me to have grace with myself as I enter this season of transition. Which is something that I struggle with, giving myself grace. I am not sure why, but I have always been hard on myself. So moving back here, I gave myself a time line of how long it is going to take me to re adapt to life in the states. But lets be real, nobody really knows how long it will take me to feel like myself again. But the beauty about it, is that I don't have to do it alone and honestly, I don't want to. I want to allow people into this journey of transition with me. I want people to stop and ask me how I am really doing, what are my prayer request, what am I feeling and so forth. I want to be able to share my thoughts and feelings even when I don't really know that they are. But most of all I want to be able to share how God used me in Costa Rica and how living there has changed my life.

This last week....
- I have had to give myself pep talks (Okay Rose, you can do this) when shopping for grocery or Christmas gifts. Just feeling a bit overwhelmed by people and commercialism. 
- I have gotten lost in Fresno. New streets, new places that have been built since I have been gone, and not having a phone to help navigate these changes.
- I gotten to drive my car! That is a huge blessing because for over a year I didn't have a car in Costa Rica.

Something to keep in mind. 
-Please be patient with me. I am still processing everything and living in transition chaos right now. There are moments that I feel overwhelmed with people and questions that I don't have answers to.
-I want to share my experience with you but only if you ask. So if you want to know, ask and I would love to share.

Common questions: 
How do you feel being back? Right now I am excited to be back. But ask me on day 30 and it might be a different answer.
Do you know what you are going to do now? Honestly, no. I am not sure what I am going to do for work. I am just trying to adapt to being back in Fresno with family and friends. And when the timing is right, I will start praying and looking for a job.
Did you bring a lot of stuff back with you?  Well I had 4 bags that had some kitchen stuff, paintings, office supplies, some clothes (I donated a lot since the majority of them were summer clothes) and decorations for the house.
Where are you living at? Currently I am living with my parents. Next month, I will be moving into a house with 2 awesome gals!

How can you help??
- Please be pray for me during this season. That I would take the time to truly process everything and give myself the time to do it.
- You can make a one time donation to help with the relocation cost. You can do so here on the SI website.

Merry Christmas! :)

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